Your Gateway To The Heart Of The Desert

Desert Shade invites you to a unique experience in the heart of the Craters Land. Desert Shade Eco-Camp is located on the rim of Ramon Crater and overlooks the amazing view of the Negev Mountains. Immerse yourself in the silence of the desert, the beauty of nature, and breathtaking views of sunrises over Ramon Crater. During the night you will enjoy the shining sky, in the first internationally named “Dark Sky Park”. When stepping into the Crater’s Land, you are reconnecting with thousands of years old history, interwind into the fluted riverbeds, the ruins left by the Nabateans, and the desert agriculture that survived to this day.


Disconnect from distractions, reconnect to the peaceful nature on the rim of Ramon Crater Unique desert accommodation in Eco-Tents – ecologically built cabins built from a combination of wood and mud.


Just a few steps from Ramon Crater, Desert Shade is the perfect gateway to explore the nature reserve. In the camp grounds you will find anything you need to enjoy an authentic desert experience.


In the heart of the Craters Land, in front of a breathtaking view, we offer solutions and over 30 years of experience in making your special day unforgettable. We invite you to celebrate with us, a little different, on the rim of Ramon Crater.

Nabato Winery

In a small boutique winery on the rim of Ramon Crater, we restore a 2,000 years old tradition of wine making in the Craters Land.