About Desert shade

In Desert Shade, we connect tourists to the High Desert of the Negev for over 30 years.

Once upon a time...

In 1990 Mitzpe Ramon was a sleepy town that started to get more and more people into it. The town was established in the early days of the country, as a “base camp” for the workers who paved road 40 to Eilat. It was in this year that Ziv Spector, then a typical Tel Avivian entrepreneur, arrived at the town.

Ziv arrived at the deserted town in search of unique opportunities in the magical views of the desert he adored from the days he worked at Eilat.

While walking along the crater’s cliff, enjoying the spectacular sunrise, he noticed how the sun rays lighting gently the hills between the town and the cliff. It was there and then when knew that on this place he will establish a pioneering Desert Tourism Center.

To this day, Desert Shade changed its face several times.

But our main goal remained the same:
Connecting between the tourist to the long-living nature of the historical desert.


Desert Shade was established and built with respect to the nature around it:

  • Its location was chosen carefully to enjoy the views without being noticed and without harming the ecological system around it.
  • All the buildings use smart, lightweight construction. One that can withstand the harsh weather of the desert but without digging and harming the geology.
  • During construction, we used recycled materials.
  • We used mud on all of the buildings to create harmony with the scenery around them.

Unique Construction Methods

After 30 years of experience, we designed our own unique construction methods that fit the local enviornment. We call it Eco-Tents. Ecological Tents – combining special tent sheets, wood, and mud.

Natural Thermal Isolation

The ecological walls of the Eco-Tents absorb the heat during the day. During the night, 900 meters above sea level, temperatures drop, and the walls of the Eco-Tents “release” the heat that got absorbed during the day. Then the mud remains cool during most of the day, keeping the Eco-Tent with leveled temperatures all day long. Not only do the walls use recycled materials, but they also make you use less electricity for air conditioning. Another small gesture to nature.