Celebrate The View

In the heart of the Craters Land, in front of a breathtaking view, we offer solutions and over 30 years of experience crafting events that will make your special day unforgetable. We invite you to a unique celebration, in the heart of the desert.

We offer our long experience in managing events of all kinds, from leadership workshops to incredible weddings. Our Eco-Camp has all the facilities for comfort and smooth operations, surrounded by desert scenery. A total of 25 Eco-Tent for desert accommodation, from couples up to 6 people per Eco-Tent.

Event Types


Your special day deserves a special atmosphere. Ceremony in front of the spectacular view of the crater, magical atmosphere underneath a starry sky, and top it up with unique desert accommodation that will leave your guests hyped even the day after.


Company Event

Want to “think outside the box”? Disconnect from the routine?
A magical event in the heart of the desert, with amazing views, and comfortable facilities for all your needs.


Yoga / Meditation Retreat

Desert Shade invites you to escape the daily noise and enjoy the serene desert. Numerous options for inspirational retreats in front of the most peaceful yet breathtaking view in Israel.


Bar Mitzva

Aliya Latorah in the scenery of Genesis Various options to celebrate the Bar/Bat Mitzva in a magical atmosphere that gives a lot more meaning to this special day.


Conferences And Workshops

Two hours away from the traffic the city noise, in the open air, and endless views, we are waiting for you with all the facilities for an inspirational workshop / conference.



Observation Terraces

On the first line to the view, we’ve built wide marble floors that can be used for dancing, ceremonies, seatings, workshops, and more.

Stone Gallery

Our “Stone Gallery” lobby offers a comfortable space indoors. It comes as is with basic local style furnitures, but can be redecorated as you wish. In the pictures, you can see several examples of redecoration.

Maqa'ad Studio

Our new multi-purpose studio is airconditioned and can host up to 80 people indoors. In the studio, you’ll find high-speed internet, widescreen TV, and everything you need for a conference, yoga workshop, and more.

The Bedouin Tent

Various low and high seating options. The bedouin tent provides authentic, desert-style, indoor space and can be closed during winter.

Nabato Bar

Bar service based on our boutique winery – Nabato. Wines from the Negev High Desert grapes, local beers, and all the bar services needed for a happy celebration.


We can recommend and put you in contact with the best catering providers in the area.

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