Facilities And Experiences

Here at Desert Shade, we take special care that your stay with us will ensure an authentic, simple, clean, and peaceful desert experience. Desert Shade Eco-Camp is waiting for you with facilities and experiences that simply connect you with nature.

The Stone Gallery

The Stone Gallery was built by hand so you can sit down in desert style, and enjoy the view of the crater from the big framed windows. Just like a gallery of desert pictures.

Right now, due to health considerations, during the breakfast and reception hours, there will be no sitting in the Gallery.

What's In The Gallery

Sun Terraces

These Sun Terraces are built in the same methods the ancient Nabateans used for their agriculture. The Sun Terraces are covered with marble floors, carved from the crater, and facing its view.

On the terraces, you’ll be able to absorb the sun’s energy during the day and gaze at the stars during the night. We invite you to enjoy the best seats, in the dazzling show of a sunrise over the Ramon Crater.

When you look for a little bit of shade from the deserts sun, you can enjoy the sheds scattered around the camp.

Fire Pits

Around the camp, you will find fire pits for a warming bonfire as you enjoy the starry skies. The fire pits are the only place to light fire and are located outside the sleeping area.

If you are adventurous, you can test your cooking skills with Poyke pots available for rent.

Hot Options

The Bedouin Tent

The Bedouin Tent invites you to an authentic desert experience. This tent was embroidered from goat’s wool, by Bedouin women, over 30 years ago.

You are invited to sit and enjoy the view in this space during the sunny day and get shelter from the wind during the winter.

What's In The Bedouin Tent

Nomads Breakfast

Our light yet nutritious breakfast preserves the ancient Nabatean tradition.

Every morning they went out for a long hike in the desert. Tens of kilometers in the hot sun. Therefore it was important to eat a healthy, yet light, breakfast.

You can collect your breakfast from the Stone Gallery and enjoy the meal with the same views the ancient Nabateans have experienced.

Access To The Sculpture Park

A few steps from the camp will take you to the “Sculpture Park”, along the crater’s rim.

It is a unique artistic performance of big stone sculptures, made from the local stones, and merge with the local scenery.

Guests Kitchenette

You can cook in the guests’ kitchenette using the gas stove. Next to the kitchenette are two shaded seating spaces.

Due to health considerations, there are no kitchen tools in the kitchenette at all. Ask us for more information.

Requires Advanced Reservation

Maqa'ad Studio

The Maqa’as is a multi-purpose, airconditioned, studio designed for workshops and retreats. It is located in the front of the camp, right in front of the crater’s view. It is perfect for yoga workshops, leadership workshops, meditation, conferences, and more. Can be closed during the winter.

What's In The Maqa'ad


The Ramon Crater Nature Reserve is also an international “Star Reserve” or “Dark Sky Park”. Claimed as one of the best locations in the world to watch stars and meteors.

You are invited to ask us about all the astronomical activities you can enjoy, like guided stargazing.