Desert Shade - Terms And Conditions

Last Updated – 09/02/2022

1.  General

1.1.  Kids and babies:

  • There is no charge for babies up to 2 years old.

  • There are no designated beds for babies. Babies may sleep on their parents’ bed.

  • Infant: 2-5 years old.

  • There is no special tariff for infants in the Eco-Camp except when booking as a third person in Avdat Eco-Tent.

  • There is no special tariff for kids.

1.2.  Weekend:

  • Weekend is between Thursday to Saturday not including check-in on Saturday.

1.3.  High Season – Holidays and special occasions:

  • All Israeli holidays are considered as High season on Desert Shade Eco-Camp.

  • The dates that are considered as “High Season” are listed in Appendix 1 (“High Season List”).

  • Desert Shade keeps it self the right to set any date as High Season in case there is a special occasion on this date like: Meteors night or “Darom Adom” festival. Reservations that were confirmed before changing a date to a High Season date will remain in its original conditions.


1.4.  Meals:

  • The accommodation basis in Desert Shade is R/O – meals are not included.

  • Booking a breakfast in the reception is available for individuals and groups.

  • Dinner may be reserved for groups of 15 people or more.


2. Booking cancelation

2.1.  Canceling orders must be done in line with the Consumer Protection Law of 5741 -1981 (referred to as “Consumer Protection Law”) and the regulations that are related to it. After a buyer ordered a service through the website’s reservations system, and after he/she received confirmation from Desert Shade, he/she may cancel the purchase.

2.2.  Let us be clear that to cancel a reservation Desert Shade must receive an email from the buyer with the reservation details and the request explanation to: [email protected]

2.3.  Booking cancelation is valid only after the buyer received a confirmation email for the cancelation from Desert Shade Group. The cancelation will be valid from the day of the request.

2.4.  Booking cancelation fees:

2.4.1.  Handling fee of 50% of the total deal value will be charged upon cancelation of the reservation between 9 days to 72 hours prior to arrival.

2.4.2.  Handling fee of 100% of the total deal value will be charged upon cancelation of the reservation 72 hours or less prior to arrival.

2.5.  In case and the guest made a reservation and did not arrive at the eco-camp without canceling the order beforehand, the guest will be charged with 100% of the total reservation value.

2.6 Booking cancelation made within 24 hours after the reservation was made will not be charged and if has been charged will be fully refunded, except when the reservation was made less than 72 hours prior to arrival, which in this case will be handled according to term 2.4.2. of this agreement.

3.  Changes to the reservation

3.1.  Any change in reservations should be done by contacting Desert Shade Reservations Center, and in line with the Consumer Protection Law and related regulations.

3.2.  Requests for changes in orders should be done by one of the following:

  • Sending an e-mail with the reservation details and the changes requests to: [email protected]

  • Contacting the reservations center via phone: 08-6586229

3.3.  Reservation change is valid only after the buyer received a confirmation email for the changes from Desert Shade Group.

4.  Prohibitions

4.1.  Desert Shade Group keeps it self the rights to not accept guests who will not obey the following prohibition, and in this case canceling the reservation and charge 100% of the reservation total value:

  • Pets are prohibited in the eco-camp grounds including the parking lot.

5.  Terms and Limitations:

5.1.  Reception hours: 16:00-19:00

5.2.  Checkout until 11:00

5.3.  Arrival or check-out time different than the written above should be done with advanced coordination with the reservations center only. Extra charge might be applied.

5.4.  Check-in according to the reservation details only. Changes can be made in advance only.

5.5.  Prices basis in Desert Shade Eco-Camp is for Room Only and does not include meals, unless stated otherwise in the reservation details.

5.6.  Entrance to the Eco-Camp is for guests only.

5.7.  We want to connect with nature – please keep quiet when staying with us.

5.8.  Using the Eco-Camp facilities that are not included in the reservation requires coordination with the reception.

6.  Prices

6.1.  Prices on the website in Hebrew (www.desert-shade.co.il) are prices with the Israeli VAT and are valid for guests with Israeli citizenship only.

6.2.  Prices on the website in English (www.desert-shade.com) do not include the Israeli VAT and are valid for foreigners only when presenting foreign passport.

6.3.  Guests with Israeli citizenship, who made reservations through the website reservations system in prices without the Israeli VAT, will be charged the VAT upon arrival. The amount of VAT will be according to the prices on the reservation confirmation and in addition to the subtotal presented on the reservation confirmation documents.