Nabato Winery

In a Small Boutique Winery, In Desert Shade Camp, On The Raim Of The Ramon Crater, We Preserve a 2,000 Years Old Tradition Of Wine Making In The Craters Land.

Wine In The Desert

The ancient nomads – The Nabateans – found the opportunity to create small permanent camps on the sides of the dry riverbeds in the High Desert of the Negev. They used their vast knowledge of collecting rainwater to water their flourishing agriculture – incredible high-quality vineyards.

In recent years, local farmers around the Negev have restored the ancient craftsmanship of growing grapes in the desert. Now featuring flourishing vineyards in what can be named the Toscany of the desert.

In Nabato Winery we produce wine from grapes of vineyards of the High Desert, 600 meters above sea level. The wine is aged in oak barrels for 18-24 months and remains for advanced aging in bottles in the winery.

Our winemaker is the experienced Ilan Tifty that live and breath the High Desert for the past 3 decades. Ilan’s expertise is the Nabatean Winemaking methods, and he restores their tradition with every magical new wine barrel.

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Nabato’s wine bottles are exclusive. A maximum of 6,000 bottles are made each year in small batches. It can be bought only in Desert Shade Eco-Camp.